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Iron Gate Records Latin America Launched

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – Iron Gate Records forms Iron Gate Records Latin America

Launching the label’s Latin music division in Merida, Mexico, NDB Publishing Group Company and HQ Productions Group formed Iron Gate Records Latin America. The label will leverage the assets, technology and the market experience and connections of the two companies while also developing a broader solution with destination services for artists around the world.

Latin music was the fastest growing sector in the entire U.S. music market, growing faster than the overall recorded revenues. The overall music market in the U.S. grew by 27% in the first half of the year, compared to the results in the first six months of 2020. Overall, Latin music makes up 5.8% of the total U.S. music market.

Iron Gate Records Latin America, through HQ Productions Group, will create a unique destination experience for artists who want to create music while also enjoying the benefits of a destination resort. The group provides everything from a world class recording studio to a full package of services as a destination in Mexico’s safest city, Merida. Artists can not only refresh and relax between working sessions but also enjoy the rich culture and history of the city and its people.

Mark A. Skoda commented, “We are very excited about this new venture. After being introduced to Henry Vales by Intercept Music CEO Tod Turner, it became apparent that we could offer real synergies between our two companies. Not only could we leverage the brand and business approach of Iron Gate Records and our technology platforms, but we could offer artists a unique recording experience rivaling some of the best studios in America. HQ Productions Group not only has the talent and connections to accommodate recording in Merida but the city has a vision to create the Nashville of Mexico through developing their music industry. We are so proud to be a part of this vision and to be able to work collaboratively across our two organizations.”

Iron Gate Records Latin America will offer a broad array of services to its artist roster to include publishing, distribution of music and video, social media management, merchandising and bookings as well as recording, production, and mastering. These services will be offered across the label for its global artists while also developing new artists through the label.

HQ Productions Group executive and producer Henry Vales stated, “We offer a unique proposal, highly attractive to musicians from other latitudes, an all-inclusive service, where they can make their artistic projects a reality with the professionalism and world-class quality they require, in addition to providing accommodation, excellent cuisine, entertainment, rest, tranquility, with the warmth and hospitality of our people. Iron Gate Records Latin America will be uniquely positioned to find new artists, serve US artists, and expand the brand globally.”

About Iron Gate Records

Iron Gate Records was established by business executive Mark A. Skoda and touring musician Greg Upchurch, drummer, and band member for 3 Doors Down. Our vision is to provide a business and technology framework for bands and artists to express themselves and deliver their music to the market efficiently. We deliver a broad array of services for our artists in a programmatic fashion while allowing them to be creative without losing control of their music! And while music is largely delivered through the streaming and radio world, Iron Gate Records looks to work with performing musicians who are ready to get out to live audiences.

HQ Productions Group

We are an end-to-end creative production organization, offering musicians and composers a world-class audio and video recording studio, full music production services, and professional artist development, based in Merida, Mexico. At HQ Productions Group we have a mission to grow the community, transforming Mérida into a cultural capital for musicians from all over the world.

Contact: For Iron Gate Records

Mark A. Skoda

Nashville, TN: 615.616.8844

For HQ Productions Group

Henry Vales

Merida, Mexico: 818.919.1709

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