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Welcome to Iron Gate Records, where your music takes center stage. Co-founded by industry veterans Mark Skoda and Greg Upchurch of 3 Doors Down, we're redefining artist development and management. Our approach? A unique blend of innovative business strategies and technology, tailored to amplify your unique talents and bring your music to the world.

Artistic freedom is at our core. We prioritize your ownership and creative control, ensuring your work remains authentically yours. In today's digital-dominated scene, we focus on the power of live performances, creating unforgettable connections between artists and audiences.

At Iron Gate Records, we value the journey as much as the destination. Our comprehensive services are designed to hone your skills, refine your artistry, and elevate your career. Join us in a new era where passion and purpose unite, and where every artist has the opportunity to make a lasting impact. Let's create, connect, and revolutionize the music industry together.

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