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Introducing Iron Gate Records, the brainchild of visionary entrepreneur Mark Skoda and acclaimed touring musician Greg Upchurch, drummer extraordinaire and revered member of the iconic band 3 Doors Down. With a passion for empowering artists and an unwavering commitment to their creative journey, Iron Gate Records is poised to revolutionize the music industry.

Our mission goes far beyond the conventional record label model. We have crafted a groundbreaking business and technology framework that empowers bands and artists, providing them with an unrivaled platform to express their unique talents and seamlessly deliver their music to the world. At Iron Gate Records, we understand that artistic freedom and control are paramount, and we go above and beyond to ensure that artists retain ownership and direction over their musical masterpieces.

While the digital age has reshaped the music landscape, with streaming and radio dominating the industry, Iron Gate Records stands apart by focusing on live performances and the electrifying connection between musicians and their audiences. We are dedicated to collaborating with performing artists who are ready to take center stage, igniting the hearts of fans through unforgettable live experiences that transcend boundaries and captivate the soul.

In a world where overnight success often overshadows the transformative process of artist development, Iron Gate Records proudly hearkens back to a bygone era. We firmly believe in providing artists the necessary time and space to build their skills, refine their artistry, and cultivate their careers in music. Our comprehensive array of services is designed to nurture and propel talent, ensuring that each artist reaches their full potential and embraces their unique voice in the industry.

Welcome to a new era of artistic empowerment. Join Iron Gate Records on an exhilarating journey where passion meets purpose, and where the spirit of music finds its truest expression. Together, let's unlock the gates to boundless creativity, forge meaningful connections with live audiences, and shape the future of the music industry. Iron Gate Records — where artistry and opportunity collide.

Music Distributed by Universal Music Group

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