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Dive into the future of music with Iron Gate Records. We're more than a record label – we're a technological haven for artists at every stage, offering tailor-made services to fit your unique journey in the digital era.

At Iron Gate Records, your artistic path is yours to design. Our 'menu of options' approach puts you in control, allowing you to pick the services that best match your development stage and budget. Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all model. Here, you craft an experience that resonates with your personal brand and career aspirations, backed by our cutting-edge technology and a commitment to flexibility and personalization.

Whether you're a rising star or a seasoned artist, Iron Gate Records is your launchpad. Our expert team and advanced tech infrastructure are your allies, driving you to new heights. Join us where innovation fuels artistry, and let's shape a boundless music industry together, where your dreams are limitless.


Why Iron Gate Records

  • Artist Empowerment: Iron Gate Records is dedicated to empowering artists by granting ownership and control over their music. This ensures that artists' creativity and independence are preserved, while also enabling them to directly benefit from their work.

  • Expert Leadership: Iron Gate Records is founded by industry veterans Mark Skoda and Greg Upchurch along with a team of A&R members, lending their years of experience in the music industry to develop, guide, and support up-and-coming artists.

  • Distribution: Your music will be distributed through Iron Gate Records to over 150 streaming platforms worldwide, and you will receive monthly reporting on your streaming results.

  • Comprehensive Services: Iron Gate offers a wide range of services including publishing, distribution, social media management, merchandising, and bookings. These holistic offerings ensure artists can access all necessary resources under one roof.

  • Inclusive Subscriptions: Iron Gate offers a straightforward subscription fee, allowing artists to receive its range of services for a tiered monthly subscription fee. This transparent pricing structure ensures artists can efficiently manage their budget and focus on their music.

  • Technology Integration: The label collaborates with key technology companies to leverage and integrate that technology while providing cost-effective, transparent services. This tech-centric approach enhances artist support and efficiencies in music promotion and distribution.

  • Marketing Services: Iron Gate Records provides a plethora of marketing services to include playlist management, promotion, advertising, etc.

  • IGR Radio: Your music will be streamed on IGR Radio 24/7 and be promoted through our social media. In addition, we will interview you for one of our podcast shows, “The Independent Musician” which you can then use to promote your band.

  • Diverse Genre Expertise: The label has a proven track record in developing emerging bands and performers in rock, pop, and funk genres, making it an ideal home for a wide range of musical talents.

  • EPK & We Design: Hosted services include generating an Electronic Press Kit and integrating that to your website. Integration of your music accounts, video, and BandsInTown accounts to your website. Website development for additional fees.

  • Individualized Development: The label plans to welcome more bands and artists, tailoring development options based on individual budgets and growth potential. This personalized approach allows artists to grow at their own pace and in line with their specific goals.

  • Exposure and Opportunities: Iron Gate Records regularly signs new artists, offering them a platform for exposure and unique opportunities to work with industry veterans. The signings include diverse talents, showcasing the label's commitment to promoting an eclectic mix of music.

  • A Home in Music City: Based in Nashville, Iron Gate Records is situated in the heart of America's music industry. This offers artists the chance to be part of a vibrant music scene and gain invaluable exposure to industry professionals and fans alike.

  • Educational Resources: The label's website hosts a collection of articles written by co-founder Mark A. Skoda, providing valuable insights and knowledge about the music industry. This ensures artists are kept up-to-date and informed about the industry's evolving landscape.

  • Merchandise Storefront: We will host a merchandise store to promote your brand and integrate that to your website. You will be able to sell merchandise on demand while lowering the amount of inventory that you might have for shows and gigs.

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