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Iron Gate Records will deliver a broad array of services under a single enterprise to aspiring and established artists through a technology oriented solution.


With our approach to offering a "menu of options" that we've come to expect from the a la carte experience of web services, Iron Gate Records will allow the artist to consider those services and products that make sense for their stage of development and budget.

In the end, Iron Gate Records, together with its technology partners are able to deliver this mass customization to the artist at a cost that meets their brand objectives and career goals!


  • 80+ service providers in 230+ countries

  • Unlimited releases

  • Keep 100% of your royalties

  • Full analytics and reporting

  • U.S. mechanical licensing

  • Pro-setup with real humans

  • Centralized posting hub

  • Centralized response to fan comments

  • Scheduled and ad-hoc posts

  • Automated post creation

  • Reusable content libraries

  • Marketing campaign templates for social media

  • Social media reports and analytics



  • Branded online store

  • On-demand merchandise inventory

  • Merchandise  promotion (Online store)

  • YouTube monetization support

  • Playlist and licensing promo

  • Ad campaigns

  • Direct connection to customer support


  • SoundOut Music Review

  • CD/Vinyl Distribution

  • Video Distribution

  • Terrestrial & Internet Radio Distribution

  • College Radio Distribution

  • Enhanced Playlist Services

  • Billboard Times Square

  • Billboard Nashville

  • On-demand Merchandise for Shows

  • Social Media Advertising



  • Advertising Campaigns

  • Tour & Venue Bookings

  • Recording & Production Services

  • Artist Management

  • A&R Representation

  • Social Media Promotion

  • Branding & Web Services

  • Artist Showcases


  • IGR booking services

  • Gigging and tour management
  • Venue identification and communication
  • Deal status and approval
  • Contract development and confirmation
  • Settlement services
  • Logistics and scheduling
  • Analytics and reporting


  • Music publishing

  • Music licensing

  • Co-writing services

  • Catalog and data management

  • Synch music services

  • Production and recording

  • Registration and contracting

  • Extensive catalog of studios, producers and other providers for the artist


  • Music Video Distribution through UMG Ingrooves to all major video platforms

  • Music distribution to Soundcloud

  • College Radio Station distribution to over 1,000 college stations

  • Terrestrial radio for rock and country

  • Additional playlist promotion activity and new playlist acquisition

  • Auto upload of your songs to your PRO (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC) & SoundExchnage

  • Streaming services for online performances


  • Templates for advertising & promotion of your music

  • Creation of “lyric” promotions for artists to offer their fans

  • Unique posters and flyers based on your album/single album cover art

  • Creation of NFT’s for your original content


  • Analytics for your followers and promotion amongst a similar demographic across other platforms

  • Linking IG and other social media to allow for direct ordering through the online shop provided by Intercept

  • Validation of organic followers when promoting social media

  • Co-promotion with “influencers” who can share you music

  • Tying your fan base and followers to similar fans and followers in other markets for gig promotion

  • Integration of BandsInTown, Reverb and similar services to your social media platforms


  • Debit & Affinity Card – direct deposit

  • Payment in crypto currency

  • Sales analytics

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