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NashTalk: A Visionary Platform for Music and Entertainment

Introducing NashTalk, the brainchild of the esteemed Chris Anthony and the latest innovation from Iron Gate Records. This platform is designed to transform how we engage with the music and entertainment industries, providing a unique window into the lives and works of key industry figures in Nashville and across the globe.

Innovative Leadership by Chris Anthony

Chris Anthony, a seasoned DJ and entertainer, brings over two decades of diverse experiences to NashTalk. His career, deeply rooted in the legendary music scene of Motown, Detroit, has seen him evolve from a dynamic DJ to a skilled songwriter and a visionary in the entertainment industry. Chris’s journey in Detroit—a city synonymous with musical innovation and soul—has imbued him with a unique artistic flair and a deep understanding of the musical landscape.

In Detroit, Chris not only captivated audiences in premier nightclubs but also honed his craft in songwriting, blending traditional Motown sounds with contemporary rhythms. This unique ability to merge different musical eras and genres has made Chris a sought-after entertainer and collaborator among notable venues and high-profile events. His work in Detroit’s vibrant music scene, from the bustling nightclubs to private celebrity events, has equipped him with invaluable insights and an extensive network, which he now brings to NashTalk.

At NashTalk, Chris leverages his profound expertise and innovative spirit to curate exclusive content that reflects the depth and diversity of the music industry. His Detroit roots play a significant role in shaping the narrative style and content of the platform, ensuring that each interview not only entertains but also educates and inspires.

Our Mission
NashTalk’s mission is clear: to offer an unparalleled insider’s perspective into the music sector, facilitated by Chris’s unique approach to storytelling and his strategic collaborations. This platform is dedicated to revealing the creative processes, strategic insights, and personal anecdotes of music’s most influential figures, offering our audience a deeper understanding of the art and business of music.

Exclusive, Forward-Thinking Content
As an exclusive offering from Iron Gate Records, NashTalk represents a symbiotic partnership between Chris Anthony's innovative vision and the record label’s industry expertise. Each piece of content is a testament to Chris’s dedication to quality and relevance, ensuring that every interview and feature resonates deeply with enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Join us at NashTalk for an exclusive journey into the music and stories that shape our world, brought to you by Chris Anthony and Iron Gate Records. Experience the innovation, insight, and inspiration that only NashTalk can provide.

Recent NashTalk Video Interviews

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