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Iron Gate Records Adopts Gigwell Agency Solution

Iron Gate Records has focused on becoming a technology enabled record label for the independent artist. Having formed a strategic relationship with Intercept Music, an artist management and distribution software firm, IGR has now signed with Gigwell for booking management and tour planning.

Gigwell is the first cloud-based booking platform to provide a simple solution to negotiate contracts, manage artist logistics, collect online payments & monitor real-time revenue goals. Gigwell goes beyond just booking. The cloud based solution provides the world’s leading artists and booking agencies with the tools needed to maximize revenue, time and efficiency. We’ve helped thousands of live entertainers, speakers and booking agents streamline their booking processes, discover new talent buyers, and track ticket sales.

Iron Gate Records is integrating the Gigwell solution along with its core services and artist management capabilities to enable our roster of artists to manage their distribution, promotion, marketing, merchandising and now booking and tour management. Together with Iron Gate Records artist management and distribution, Gigwell will allow us to work with our artists to schedule gigs and tours to monetize their talents!

Finally, as we seek to provide more value for our artists, Iron Gate Records will be adding live streaming technology, a catalog of studios, engineers and producers, all to offer a broader array of capabilities delivered via the cloud in a distributed web-based technology environment.

Check out the following videos to get a brief overview of the Gigwell solution.

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