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Iron Gate Records Appoints Key Personnel

Iron Gate Records announced the appointments of several key positions to assist the label in developing its artist roster and supporting those artists. These key roles will help the label to develop additional capabilities to build upon in addition to existing leadership and technology innovation.

These key appointments include Gina Jones to A&R Representative. Gina’s career has spanned several decades as a performing artist and in artist management. To add to the increasing momentum, in late 2017 Gina signed on as a staff writer position with Daisy Jay Music in Dec of 2018. More recently, Gina worked as an advisor to MC1 Nashville. In her A&R capacity, Gina will focus on sourcing talent and assisting in the management of the artist roster of Iron Gate Records. Gina Jones commented, “I am excited to see this new technology focused label start up and am glad to be a part of the team. There are so many artists and bands that need guidance during a changing business environment. My extensive background as an artist and an A&R representative will allow me to contribute to the culture and focus of Iron Gate Records on artists across the country.”

Finally, Steve Bishir will join Iron Gate Records as an advisor to the label bringing his extraordinary producing experience to the label. A Nashville-based recording engineer, producer, mixer who has worked on numerous recordings for over twenty years, he has received 5 Grammy awards and has mixed over 100 number one singles. He continues to produce and work with projects around the world.

Mark A. Skoda stated, “In announcing these appointments, we are beginning to build a team that can leverage extensive music business experience and knowledge for Iron Gate Records. Our NDB Publishing Group Company record label’s unique approach to the integration of technology and human capital combined with a passion for music and bands will allow Iron Gate Records to build on their individual success. While it is early days, we are so glad to have these talented people assisting on building a new label that will serve the artists and adapt quickly to this changing business.”

Iron Gate Records will incorporate the technology backbone of Intercept Music to deliver services to its artists. In addition to taking advantage of the current set of services, the label will be able to integrate future offerings that Intercept will deploy in the coming weeks and months. The label will look to expand rabidly to include developing a west coast division to serve that unique market and look to global opportunities based on the relationships within the industry of its management and advisors.

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