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Iron Gate Records Launched in Nashville, SKODA First Artist Signed to New Label

Nashville, Tennessee Jul 25, 2021 - NDB Publishing Group Company announced the launch of Iron Gate

Records, a new indie record label focusing on the development of up-and-coming bands and performers. The label will focus on genres to include rock, pop, and funk. While many labels develop the individual performer, Iron Gate Records will be committed to working with bands as they develop their sound and their brand. The label will integrate a technology capability to facilitate cost effective and efficient services to their artists and will provide a transparent view of the music business that is often missing within other labels.

The label is founded by Mark A. Skoda, a seasoned executive who has been managing the band SKODA for the last four and a half years and is cofounded by Greg Upchurch, who is the touring member and drummer for 3 Doors Down and formerly Puddle of Mudd.

Mark A. Skoda commented, “Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio I saw many bands grow and build their chops. Rock was king and bands had time to develop, grow and perform. Today’s music business is far more difficult and seldom allows for the development of a band unless they are already established. I felt that there was an opportunity to develop a business model that allowed for the application of a strong technology platform to facilitate artist development. Our first band, SKODA is a young group of musicians that are developing their sound while also writing, producing, and performing. We will be bringing other bands and artists on board in the coming weeks and look forward to working with the great talent that is across America.”

Iron Gate Records will offer a broad array of services to its artist roster to include publishing, distribution of music and video, social media management, merchandising, and bookings. Additional services will be offered across a menu of options to facilitate and develop those bands as they grow, and budget allows.

Co-founder Greg Upchurch stated, “I’ve known Mark for several years after working with his son, a drummer. We’ve discussed this idea as I have been a performing musician for all of my life and wanted to use my talent to develop other artists in the business. With all the changes going on and the challenges in the music industry, the idea of developing a label that focused on bands as artists really made sense. While I continue to perform with 3 Doors Down, I intend to collaborate with Mark through Iron Gate Records to source new talent and provide guidance to young artists trying to make it in the business.”

NDB Publishing Group Company Iron Gate Records and NDB Publishing Group Company are well-positioned to build a new brand while also focusing on talented bands and performers that may need help to grow and mature as artists. Many bands don’t have the knowledge or the relationships to support their career goals. Iron Gate Records will not only provide that guidance but facilitate their growth through a technology orientation.

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