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Iron Gate Records Signs Mark Anthony

Nashville, Tennessee Nov 22, 2021 ( - Iron Gate Records has signed Mark Anthony to the label. Mark brings a long career in music performance and songwriting. His performance and musical abilities are well regarded by his fans and audiences. Mark A. Skoda, CEO stated, "We continually look to have a diverse and varied group of artists on the label. Mark brings maturity and sound that has been crafted over his many years in the business."

Originally from the northeast, born and raised in Connecticut, Mark got his start in acoustic music while attending the University of Connecticut. Upon graduation, Mark toured New England for several years with an acoustic trio called “On The Road Again”, culminating in a six-week tour in the U.S. Virgin Islands. He returned home to play in several rock bands until he discovered the new country styles of the ’80s, moved to Nashville as an aspiring country music artist, and began to focus on his songwriting. In 2019 he formed an all original group, The Mark Anthony Ensemble performing Americana country ‘flavored’ music. Mark Anthony commented, "I couldn't be more blessed to make that announcement in joining the Iron Gate Records roster and their awesome team. I really look forward to collaborating with IGR as well as working with other artists on the label. And of course, I want to continue to release and promote my own music through the label."

Mark Anthony released his first single, "Running Away" upon signing with the label. The song conveys a driving southern rock feel and conveys the story of life's pain but how we always must face our truth. Says Mark, "My record label put my first single "Running Away" out on over eighty platforms worldwide and gives the court of public opinion a chance to weigh in on my music. I can't wait to see what God will do with this door opened and a new platform to share my music." Mark will be releasing new music in the first quarter of 2022.

Mark Anthony Website:

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