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Iron Gate Records Studio Partnership Program

Iron Gate Records announces its Studio Partnership Program. This new initiative will focus on developing key studio relationships across North America to provide artists with value-based recording studios and talent to bring their music to life. With inflation raging and artists' budgets strained, they need to get the very best tracking, editing, mixing and mastering to release their music. And do so at a cost that won't break the bank.

Iron Gate Records is launching its Studio Partnership Program to identify key studio relationships that artists will know provide them with the kind of work necessary to get the job done and get their music to market. In addition to ensuring competitive pricing, Iron Gate Records Studio Partnership program will allow the label to engage with the partner studio to discuss and reference artists who would be best served by that studio.

Mutually, the studio will offer the services of Iron Gate Records to artists who are looking for representation and the artist management and development services provided by the label.

With today's announcement, Iron Gate Records has established the first two studios in the Studio Partnership Program. We are pleased to welcome Nitrosonic Studios of Lexington, Kentucky and HQ Productions of Merida, Mexico.


NitroSonic Studios was founded way back in 2005 by producer Brian Pulito, with a mission to provide the best recording experience possible at an affordable price. Since then, NitroSonic Studios has grown and expanded into one of the region’s top destination studios. In late 2018, engineer Danielle Barkman and studio musician/friend Leah Arrington were handed the reins, and they have taken NitroSonic Studios to all new highs. In 2022, studio manager and engineer, Abbi Rhodes, became our third co-owner.

Boasting newly constructed studios at a convenient downtown location, state of the art recording gear, 3 professionally tuned drum kits, and a 50'x20' live room with a sound beyond description, Nitrosonic Studios is more ready than ever to help take your project from idea to mastered songs.

Located in the heart of Lexington’s NOLI District, NitroSonic Studios is surrounded by some of the most exciting and vibrant cafes & restaurants, music clubs, shops and stores in town. Truly an artist district, we are engulfed by a creative and talented vibe that can be felt. It is this combination of location, technology and musical know-how that has caused NitroSonic Studios to become the most popular destination studio in the area.


HQ Productions are an end-to-end creative production organization, offering musicians and composers a world-class audio and video recording studio, full music production services, and professional artist development, based in Merida, Mexico.

A unique proposal, highly attractive to musicians from other latitudes, an all-inclusive service, where they can make their artistic projects a reality with the professionalism and world-class quality they require, in addition to providing accommodation, excellent cuisine, entertainment, rest, tranquility , with the warmth and hospitality of our people.

Seated in the capital city of the state of Yucatan, Merida boasts being one of the safest cities in Mexico while also being a UNESCO World Heritage site. With the wonders of the the original Mayan culture, Merida is also a mere twenty minutes from the port city of Progresso and its beaches and restaurants as well as a day trip to Cancun and the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza.

Artists can not only benefit from the value provided by HQ Productions but as a destination resort, can enjoy the culture and vibe of the city, its sites and the friendly residents.

Iron Gate Records will continue to identify key studio relationships for its Studio Partnership Program in the future while also working to more tightly integrate the relationships it has established with Nitrosonic Studios and HQ Productions. For more information, contact

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