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Iron Gate Records Welcomes OBLIVEA to Their Distinguished Roster of Rock Artists

Nashville, TN – April 22, 2024 – Iron Gate Records, a pioneer in the music industry known for nurturing top talent, is excited to announce the signing of the dynamic rock band, OBLIVEA. This latest addition marks a significant step in Iron Gate's mission to bring diverse and powerful music to the global stage.

OBLIVEA, renowned for their electrifying performances and versatile sound that spans rock, punk, pop, and metal, are set to bring a fresh, energetic dynamic to the label. The band consists of Ben Kyle (vocals and guitar), John Reynolds (drums), Luis Guaman (lead guitar), and Ben Vorhees (bassist). Known for their visually stimulating live shows and deeply personal and original music, OBLIVEA has consistently captivated audiences and critics alike.

Mark A. Skoda, CEO of Iron Gate Records, expressed his enthusiasm about the new partnership: "We are thrilled to welcome OBLIVEA to the Iron Gate family. Their innovative approach to music and performance art is exactly what our label stands for. We believe that OBLIVEA's unique sound and undeniable energy will be a significant addition to our roster. We look forward to collaborating with them and amplifying their music to new and broader audiences."

Ben Kyle, lead vocalist and guitarist of OBLIVEA, also shared his thoughts on the collaboration: "Joining Iron Gate Records feels like the beginning of a thrilling new chapter for us. We've admired the work Iron Gate has done in the past, and we're excited to be a part of a label that supports its artists so passionately. This partnership will undoubtedly provide us with the resources and platform we need to expand our musical boundaries and reach more fans than ever before."

OBLIVEA is also known for their track "Hell Yeah," popular in the Roctagon MMA circles, and for softer, more introspective songs like "Smile." Their critically acclaimed singles "The Way Things Stand" and "Awakened" have been considered for Grammys, showcasing their versatility and depth as musicians.

Iron Gate Records plans to support OBLIVEA with a comprehensive strategy that includes new album releases, extensive touring, and unique marketing initiatives designed to maximize the band's visibility and impact in the rock and alternative music scenes.

For more information about OBLIVEA and their upcoming projects under Iron Gate Records, please visit OBLIVEA.

About Iron Gate Records Iron Gate Records is a Nashville-based record label known for its diverse roster of talented artists. With a commitment to artistic integrity and innovation, Iron Gate Records continues to influence the music industry by supporting artists in achieving their creative visions.

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Steve Andrews
Steve Andrews
21 de abr.
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Welcome a a wonderful and talented musical family OBLIVEA!!

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