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Iron Gate Records announces the acquisition of 3 Rare Designs North America. The company, founded in Kolkata, India provides a broad array of onshore and offshore services to include digital marketing, SEO & SMO, application development, mobile applications, and integration of AI tools for clients,

The company will be held by NDB Publishing Group Company and is based in Nashville, Tennessee. The broad array of services provides Iron Gate Records artists an extraordinary opportunity to leverage those capabilities to promote their music and their brand. In addition, 3 Rare Designs in North America will offer those capabilities to small business enterprises seeking to super charge their business at a competitive price and service.

NDB Publishing Groups Company CEO, Mark A. Skoda stated, “Our recent reorganization structure resulted in additional capabilities for Iron Gate Records. During this process, we had the opportunity to work with the founder and technical staff at 3 Rare Designs. They were looking to leverage a local capability in North America, and we were looking to develop services that went beyond the core record label offering of Iron Gate Records.”

NDB Publishing Group Company is now the holding company for Iron Gate Records, Iron Gate Records Radio, IGR Booking Agency, The Independent Musician podcast and the new company, 3 Rare Designs North America. Integration of the services have already begun with the current phase 2 development of Iron Gate Records new music streaming application, GeoMelody. GeoMelody will also be held under NDB Publishing Group Company when launched in Q1 of 2024.

Arka Sarkar, Co-Founder and CEO of 3 Rare Designs commented, “We have worked with Mark Skoda and Iron Gate Records for the past several months developing the GeoMelody application and mobile app. Our discussions turned to the bigger picture with a broader deployment of our service offering to the North American markets within the music industry and beyond. Mark is a seasoned international executive who understands India and technology after having worked in India and globally for nearly twenty-five years.”

3 Rare Designs is the proud partner of Rubix Alliance Pty. Ltd., an Australian owned and operated company specializing in a wide array of web development and digital marketing solutions. The company has successfully catered to numerous Indian, Australian, and U.S. clients over the years. 3 Rare Designs is known for developing dynamic, user-friendly, visually stunning, and high-performance websites as well as apps to help businesses enhance their digital identity. The company’s top-rated digital marketing services are strategically designed to help clients reach their prospective customers as well as increase annual sales and boost business growth.

The 3 Rare Designs global technology offering will be integrated into the Iron Gate Records services along with a broader launch to other independent artists and small business enterprises in the US during the 4th quarter of 2023. 3 Rare Designs North America is now available to all current Iron Gate Records artists.

About Iron Gate Records

Iron Gate Records was established by business executive Mark A. Skoda and touring musician Greg Upchurch, drummer, and band member for 3 Doors Down. Our vision is to provide a business and technology framework for bands and artists to express themselves and deliver their music to the market efficiently. We deliver a broad array of services for our artists in a programmatic fashion while allowing them to be creative without losing control of their music! And while music is largely delivered through the streaming and radio world, Iron Gate Records looks to work with performing musicians who are ready to get out to live audiences.

About 3 Rare Designs Pvt. Ltd.

3 Rare Designs is a full-service digital agency offering cost-effective and innovative web/app development and digital marketing services. We aim to provide our clients with results-driven solutions to help their business achieve success. Our team of highly skilled experts have served a wide array of business sectors such as Medical, eCommerce, Information Technology, Healthcare, Finance, Entertainment, Law, Real Estate, and more.

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Nov 01, 2023

Again Congratulations & Many Great


Steve Andrews
Steve Andrews
Nov 01, 2023

Congratulations my friend Mr. Mark Skoda!!

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