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Henry Vales Appointed President Iron Gate Records Latin America

Iron Gate Records Appoints Industry Veteran Henry Vales as President of Latin American Division

Merida, Mexico – Iron Gate Records proudly announces the appointment of Henry Vales as President of Iron Gate Records Latin America, based in the culturally vibrant city of Merida, Mexico. With an extensive background in songwriting, production, and music business, Vales is perfectly positioned to lead the label's ambitious efforts to nurture new talent and expand its reach across the global music scene.

Henry Vales is not only celebrated for his artistic talents but also for his robust academic background in music business. A graduate of Belmont University’s renowned music business program and holder of an MBA from the University of Miami, where the nation’s first music business program was developed, Vales brings a deep understanding of the industry’s dynamics and management. His education has been instrumental in shaping his approach to music production and business strategy.

Throughout his career, Vales has been influenced by notable figures in the music industry, including Professor Al Reed, author of the seminal book, "This Business of Music." Reed was not only a mentor to Vales but also a partner in his first recording studio, where Vales honed his skills and cultivated his passion for music production and artist development.

Iron Gate Records Latin America was established through a partnership between NDB Publishing Group Company and HQ Productions Group, leveraging their combined assets, technology, and market experience to tap into the fast-growing Latin music sector. As the fastest growing sector in the U.S. music market, Latin music represents a significant opportunity for artistic and commercial success.

Operating from Merida, known as Mexico’s safest city, the label offers artists a unique destination experience alongside a suite of comprehensive services. These include world-class recording facilities, music publishing, distribution, social media management, merchandising, and bookings. Vales’ leadership is expected to enhance these offerings, providing artists with the tools needed for both creative and commercial triumph.

“Bringing Henry Vales on board as President is a pivotal step for Iron Gate Records Latin America,” said Mark A. Skoda, instrumental in founding the label. “His rich experience, backed by academic prowess and industry connections, sets us on a path to becoming a hub for music innovation and artist development in Latin America and beyond.”

Vales expressed his enthusiasm about his new role, stating, “I am deeply honored to lead Iron Gate Records Latin America. It is a privilege to apply my experiences and the insights gained from my mentors to elevate this vibrant label. Together, we will discover and develop the next generation of music talent.”

Iron Gate Records Latin America is poised to make a significant impact on the music industry, guided by Vales' visionary leadership and deep-rooted passion for music.

About Iron Gate Records: Iron Gate Records is a leading global music label offering a wide array of services to its artists, encompassing recording, production, mastering, distribution, and comprehensive artist management. The label is committed to discovering and promoting new musical talents across the world.

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May 07
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Felicidades mi amigo Enrique!!

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